Pinewood Derby Precision Wheel Balancer*


Don’t pass up this NEW speed tool for Balancing the wheels of your Pinewood Derby Cars. THE new BSA Wheels are NOT Balanced. For maximum performance and speed, your wheels need to be precision balanced. This specially designed Patented* ( RLNMACHINING)  tool can do it. It is very sensitive can detect an unbalanced wheel by identifying the heavy side of the wheel so excess weight can be removed or added. The base of the Pinewood Derby Precision Wheel Balancer * is aluminum and will not rust. Balancing with this tool is a very simple process and is a must for extra speed needed to win your next race. You spend a lot of time and effort making the Pinewood Derby Race car. Now just finish the job with a Balanced set of wheels. You will feel better when you are setting your Fast car with Balanced wheels down on to the track knowing that you went the extra mile before the Race. Thank You  * Patented (see instructions here)




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