2017 Pinewood Derby  BSA RAIL RIDER Bent AXLES will have a scribe mark on the axle head so that it will not rub off like a marker and be a better visual for you for setting up.    Pinewood Derby BSA RAIL RIDER AXLES,  2 Axles adjusted to 2.5 degrees, 1 Axle is adjusted to 1.5 degrees, 1 Axle is straight 0 degree bend . Axles are straightened, machined  and VERY Highly polished.    These Axles are 100 % BSA officially licensed product.

Please notice that I mentioned 100% BSA officially licensed product. , If it doesn’t say 100 % BSA officially licensed product , buyer beware of the other websites like ebay that try to sell you a cheaper not BSA Brand product that could get you disqualified at inspection. Do not chance getting disqualified by the inspectors at the check in with a set of look a like Axles that are not 100% BSA officially licensed product.  I have been selling Pinewood Derby products for over 13 Years. I only sell Pinewood Derby Products that I machine personally. I do not resell anything from anyone else.  I enjoy being a machinist and manufacturing parts that you can use and enjoy and to compete at the races .  I have been a machinist since 1979 (US Navy machinist for 10 years). I know what it takes to compete and win at the Pinewood Derby Races. I machine these parts with the same care and attention to detail as if I were going to race with them my self. You spend a lot of time and effort in making your Pinewood Derby Car look great, now you can use my time and effort to invest in improving your car’s speed.  My sons have won Several First Place Pack and also won First place District 4 times using these same type principals and machining standards.  Please do not sacrifice on Quality and or Craftsmanship this year. As a Machinist, I strive to provide Top Quality parts, and meet cost expectations of my customers.     I really enjoy being a machinist and manufacturing parts. It is also my favorite Hobby. Orders are processed the 1st business day after your purchase. Handling time may be up to 5 days.  priority mail time ( I ship Priority mail only) usually takes 2-3 days to destination. Shipping all orders ASAP,. Thanks  Please click image to enlarge