Ron, Thanks for a great balancer. Took first in the pack and first in the district! Can't wait till next year to use it again!
- Greg
I have used the wheel balancer for two racing seasons and my boys have not lost a race yet--except to each other.
- Jim

Awesome tool. Thanks!!

Balancer great. Makes a difference when time between 1st & 2nd at Pinewood derby race is .0008 seconds

Superior. Won 1st place.

Excellent Product!

GREAT Idea! A lot easier than the way I used to do it! A+++++

Car was everything he said it would be and then some.

Tried it out, works great!

What a fantastic item!

Great Product and service!

Excellent idea. Works great!

Happy Scouts in my house!!! Great item and great service!!!!

Cool product. Will make a good wheel better

Skeptical at first, but this tool is great. Very easy to use!

Could not be happier with car

Great looking cars.