Special Machined Pinewood Derby BSA Wheel and Axle combo price


100%  BSA Wheels and BSA  Axles   machined and Polished.

BSA Wheels are Machined on a Lathe so that the tread surface runs true to the wheel bore. Wheel Bore is prepped  with my  special graphite dry lube which is  inbedded into wheel bore using my time consuming break in procedures so  When it comes to Derby race time , your wheels will already be prepped and Race Ready.     BSA wheels are  Machined on a lathe to have a  smooth flat tread surface and to remove  Mold marks while retaining the beaded edges required by most Pack rules. Machined wheels are lighter and make your car faster with quicker starts and faster track times   Wheel retains all of the lettering and numbering inside and out.

The BSA Axles are straightened, machined and very highly Polished  to reduce surface friction.   All of These modifications decrease friction and equal faster run times for your Pinewood Derby Race  car.